Storage units can be a great way to save space and keep items safe during a transition. However, you must understand how to properly store certain items to ensure they are not damaged during storage. Appliances are one such item. It is not uncommon for appliances to leave storage damaged or in bad shape. In this quick guide, we will provide some tips on how to keep appliances in great condition while storing them in a unit. Keep reading to learn more. 

Clean Before Storing

You might not feel like putting in the time and effort to clean up your appliances before storing them, but this can make a huge difference in how your appliances handle storage in the long run. You will want to drain and clean every major area of the appliance. This will include filters and tubes. Doing this will prevent the growth of mold and will help prevent parts from freezing.

Even small particles of food, liquid, or dust can cause a lot of problems later on while in storage.

Protect From Pests

Pests can really be a problem in storage. Even appliances can be damaged by pests. To avoid this problem, you can spray your appliances with pesticides before storage. Keep in mind that the spray needs to be fully dry before storage, or it could cause mold or fungus to grow. You should also remember to clean the appliances again when taking them out of storage to remove the pesticides as well.

Protect Doors

The doors of your appliances should be taped shut. This will prevent the doors from swinging open while being moved and stored. Doors can be damaged this way if they are not properly taped.

Positioning Is Important

It is also important how and where you store your appliances. Appliances should be stored right and should be in the back of the unit. This will prevent the items from being moved or shoved around during storage unit visits. You want the appliance to be left undisturbed while stored.

Climate Controlled Is Best

If you can, you should choose a climate-controlled unit. These are the best options for fully protecting your items, including appliances. This reduces the chances of mold and fungus from growing and can also prevent parts from freezing and being damaged.

Shut Down and Unplug

Appliances should never be left plugged in or turned on during storage. There is no need for the item to be on, and it could damage electrical components.

Choose a Unit Your Trust

When you are choosing a storage unit, be sure to do your homework. You want to use units that are reputable and trustworthy. Talk with others to see who they use and who they trust. You can lose valuable items when working with a disreputable storage company. You can avoid this by simply checking up on the company and doing your homework before you store your items.

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