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A self-storage is a great option for those who need extra space but don’t want the hassle or expense of purchasing and maintaining a storage unit themselves. But self-storage can be even more convenient — and affordable — if you have a storage roommate. A storage roommate is simply someone you share a storage unit with. This can be a family member, a friend, or even a stranger. The key is... View Article

There are multiple reasons why people decide to get a storage unit: moving, event storage, lack of space for keeping all their belongings, business storage, etc. Once you decide you need a storage unit for any reason, make sure to ask the following questions to make an informed decision.  Will My Personal Belongings Be Safe?  Security should always be the top priority. Therefore, you need to find out as much... View Article

From making bright markers to color-code boxes to taking steps to reorganize your floor plan, there are many different ways to spruce up your storage unit during the spring cleaning season. Whether your storage unit is stuffed to the brim or it’s a sparse space with a few key items, it can always benefit from some organization during spring cleaning. Label Boxes Under a System This doesn’t have to be... View Article

Self-storage facilities are everywhere in the United States, and many people can agree that such a facility came in handy in the past when they needed to store some items that they couldn’t find space for in their homes. However, some things need to be kept under special conditions, like expensive artwork, which needs climate-controlled storage. The demand for such specialized storage has shot up recently and is expected to... View Article

Picking storage units is a task most homeowners are not familiar with. What happens when you need to find storage units for a new home or remodeling? You need to know when to get a small storage unit and when to choose a bigger one. One essential requirement that will guarantee you better results is taking an inventory of your belongings to know how much space you need. Here is... View Article