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Anyone who has ever rented a house or apartment is familiar with paying a deposit before they can move in, but did you know a similar fee is also common among storage facilities? It’s true! Many storage companies charge a unit deposit in Plymouth, MA that must be paid before the renter can start utilizing their storage unit. Continue reading to learn more about this one-time fee. What does the... View Article

If you have a ton of unused furniture, don’t just keep it down in the damp basement or the dirty garage. Instead, rent a storage unit and keep it there! Storage facilities keep your furniture dry, clean and secure. Before you drop your furniture off, you’ll want to perform some furniture storage preparation in Plymouth, MA. Continue reading to learn the steps to take to get your furniture ready for... View Article

If you have a car that you don’t drive very often, or if you’re heading out of town for a while and won’t be using it, you might think about putting it in a storage unit. Keeping your car in a storage unit instead of your garage frees up space at your house while ensuring your vehicle stays safe and secure. You can’t just roll up to the storage facility... View Article

Renting a storage unit is a great way to de-clutter your garage, attic or basement without actually throwing away any of your belongings. However, you can’t just rent a storage unit and forget about it—you’ve got to keep it clean. A clean storage unit helps ensure you get your belongings back in pristine condition, free from dust, grime and other contaminants that could lower their value. Continue reading to learn... View Article

Once you’ve gotten your stuff safely put away in storage, you might think that’s the end of it, until it’s time to take it out. In fact, you should plan to visit your storage unit on a regular basis, even if you’re not planning to add more items or bring any home. Storage units are a great way to keep your extra belongings out of the way or to store... View Article