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Boating is the perfect way to spend a sunny summer afternoon. However, boating can be an expensive hobby with quite a few logistical challenges. Chief among these concerns is where to keep your boat when you’re not using it. You’ll be happy to find out that there are plenty of options for boat storage out there. Continue reading to learn what they are: In-water storage: The most convenient option is... View Article

Like any business, storage facilities must have a set of rules to protect property, employees and patrons. But because self-storage is a unique industry, some business owners might not know which rules to put in place or how to enforce them. This post from our storage facility pros will teach you all the rules that should be enforced at your self-storage business to ensure smooth operation. No living in the... View Article

There are many reasons one might need to invest in a facility at a good self-storage company. These facilities are excellent options when it comes to protecting your items during a move or while you’re on a long vacation. However, to best protect your items, it’s important to find a storage facility that offers good security, climate control and the amount of space you need. It’s easy to make certain... View Article

Now that summer is over, it’s time to pack up some of your vacation gear. For many people, this means preparing their RV for storage. Both indoor and outdoor RV storage facilities offer a great way to protect your vehicle during the harsh winter weather. However, it’s important to perform some maintenance on your RV before putting it into storage, particularly if you’re planning to store it outdoors. Read on... View Article

Do you need moving storage? Changing homes involves a lot of checklists and tasks and many things to manage and balance at once. Often, the timing involved requires storing belongings temporarily while you relocate. Fortunately, you have multiple options for your moving storage. Following are the three most common methods to consider for your moving storage needs. Self-storage units Self-storage facilities offer convenient spaces to place your belongings while you... View Article