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Patio furniture is a great way to maximize the functionality of outdoor space. Not only that, but it can add to its aesthetic appeal as well. However, these pieces of furniture also need proper care and maintenance, especially during the colder months. As with any other outdoor item, they can be more prone to wear and tear. If you want your patio furniture to keep looking good and staying functional,... View Article

Here at A Plus Storage, we are all about the supplies you need to move around wherever you need to go. We understand the storage business and the various components that make it up. As such, we can tell you about the best tape for moving boxes and why you should focus on something like this when you get ready to move.  Certain Tapes Are Superior It is simply the... View Article

Storing seasonal items away until they are needed again is an experience that plenty of people have gone through in the past. This is why A Plus Storage Company has decided that we want to share with you some of the ways that one can store away their season items safely.  Store Seasonal Items and How a Storage Unit Could be Beneficial It can be hugely beneficial to you to... View Article

Picking storage units is a task most homeowners are not familiar with. What happens when you need to find storage units for a new home or remodeling? You need to know when to get a small storage unit and when to choose a bigger one. One essential requirement that will guarantee you better results is taking an inventory of your belongings to know how much space you need. Here is... View Article

Do you need self-storage? Whether you could use some extra space to store seasonal decorations or you’re in the midst of a move and need temporary space for your belongings, self-storage is a common solution. Here’s what you can expect to pay for this convenience and the various factors that affect this cost. Average cost Storage units are typically paid for by the month. The average cost to rent a... View Article