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Like any business, storage facilities must have a set of rules to protect property, employees and patrons. But because self-storage is a unique industry, some business owners might not know which rules to put in place or how to enforce them. This post from our storage facility pros will teach you all the rules that should be enforced at your self-storage business to ensure smooth operation. No living in the... View Article

There are many reasons one might need to invest in a facility at a good self-storage company. These facilities are excellent options when it comes to protecting your items during a move or while you’re on a long vacation. However, to best protect your items, it’s important to find a storage facility that offers good security, climate control and the amount of space you need. It’s easy to make certain... View Article

Whether you’re downsizing, in between homes or have simply accumulated too much stuff for your home to hold, storage facilities are the answer. They can house anything from sporting equipment to electronics and other valuables. The key, however, is to get the right kind of storage unit for your items. Most storage units come in varying sizes, from small pods to large, shed-sized units. They may or may not be... View Article

Whether it was while moving, downsizing or simply swapping out your summer décor for your holiday décor, you’ve probably made use of a storage facility in Plymouth, MA for storing your home goods. Finding ways to pack and store your belongings safely and efficiently can be a challenge, particularly if it’s something fragile such as dishes. Dishes require special care and attention when you’re storing them. If you are looking... View Article

Many business owners use self-storage facilities to store some excess inventory they do not have room for in their own facilities. But depending on the facility you go to, you might not have the protection for those items that you really need—in fact, about 73 percent of self-storage operators (according to a 2008 study) do not offer storage insurance to their tenants. It’s always worth having property insurance for any... View Article