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There are multiple reasons why people decide to get a storage unit: moving, event storage, lack of space for keeping all their belongings, business storage, etc. Once you decide you need a storage unit for any reason, make sure to ask the following questions to make an informed decision.  Will My Personal Belongings Be Safe?  Security should always be the top priority. Therefore, you need to find out as much... View Article

Renting a storage unit usually means that you’re able to free up an awful lot of extra space at your home or business. It can help you remove a lot of clutter while also giving you a place to store important items that you don’t necessarily always want or need on hand. That said, storage units can be a bit of a slippery slope. It can be easy to think... View Article

Preparing to store your stuff in a storage unit is just as important as loading the unit up. Carefully cleaning, packing and organizing your items ensures you’ll be able to access them whenever you need them—and they’ll leave the unit in the same condition in which they arrived. Here are our best tips for packing and organizing a storage unit: Opt for climate-controlled storage: If you have items that won’t... View Article

Self-storage units are a convenient solution for many people. Whether it’s long-term storage of treasured items that you don’t currently have space for, or just a temporary spot while you complete a move, a climate-controlled storage unit is a great way to ensure your stuff stays safe and protected. One problem people run into is that they simply dump all their stuff in the storage unit, then are unable to... View Article

Storage units are great for securely storing items that aren’t used regularly while freeing up space around the house. However, storage units can quickly accumulate clutter that makes it difficult to maintain organization and promote easy access to items when they’re needed. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to get storage units in good shape. Keep reading for some advice on how to keep self storage units... View Article