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It is so much more fun to take out your holiday decorations at the beginning of the season than to put them away again after the holidays are over. There’s no getting around the end of the holiday blues, but if you store your decorations properly you will make sure your treasured family decorations last longer and are easier to get up around the house next year. Keeping holiday decorations... View Article

If you need to store your desktop computer for a period of time, it’s important to do it right. Computers are powerful but delicate pieces of equipment, and how you store them will determine how well they work once you pull them out of the storage unit. These handy tips for storing your desktop computer in Plymouth, MA also apply to other electronics. Read on to learn the best practices... View Article

How to Store Collectibles

December 16, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Whatever you collect, there often comes a time when the collection is more than you can keep in your home at any given time. Whether you’re between homes and storing your possessions until you move into your new place, or have just amassed 10 too many vintage Barbie dolls, sometimes the best solution for your collectibles is to carefully store them away. Of course, since your collection is probably full... View Article

How to Safely Store a TV

December 2, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

These uncertain times have caused many people to move into new apartments or houses. Oftentimes, not all of their electronics can fit. Maybe your new place had a nicer TV included, or you just don’t have enough space to fit your second one. No matter the reason, TV storage in Plymouth, MA is something that should be undertaken with care. These are intricate machines, and there are some easy steps... View Article

If you’ve recently moved houses, you might quickly realize that not all of your belongings fit right into the new space. For example, the dining room table might be a bit too small, or the pictures on the wall don’t look right in the new lighting. Fortunately, storage solutions exist, and one space-saving tactic we see people doing more of is storing extra beds and mattresses. If you’ve needed to... View Article